10 Signs of Hidden Anxiety

According to the American Psychological Association, people with anxiety have a future-oriented fear which leads them to avoid anything that could potentially trigger a stress response.

In 2017 the National Institute of Mental Health reported that approximately forty million people worldwide suffer from anxiety.

Anxiety disorders are highly treatable but recent surveys show that only 36.9 percent of those suffering from it seek treatment.

This might be because most people with anxiety worry about the judgment of others and how the stigma against mental illness might negatively affect their lives.

Does this sound familiar to you do you where you might be suffering from anxiety and just don’t realize it.

10 Signs of Hidden Anxiety

You don’t like talking to people face-to-face

Anxiety don't like talking to people face-to-face

You can easily keep a conversation going for hours when you’re texting or chatting online with a friend.

But talking to someone in person now that’s an entirely different story even if you already know them well or have talked to them online you still get tense and nervous talking to them in person.

You have trouble making eye contact or finding the words to respond and you want to end face-to-face conversations as soon as they begin.

Always self-conscious

Anxiety self-conscious

Do you walk into a room and immediately feel like everyone is staring at you listening to you and judging you’re every move.

Or perhaps you’re overly conscious of the way you walk the way you eat the way you sit the sound of your voice when you talk and so on this could be a sign that you have hidden anxiety.

Easily Upset or Irritated

Easily Upset or Irritated Anxiety

Anyone ever told you you’re too sensitive do you find your feelings getting hurt easily are you quick to get angry or upset with others over the littlest things.

this kind of emotional volatility may be a sign that you have high functioning anxiety.

As anxiety can often make us easily overwhelmed and emotionally imbalanced frequent mood swings temper tantrums and irritability can be expected when you’re overly anxious.

Near panicky and easily startled

Anxiety Near panicky and easily startled

Anxiety makes you want to be as in control and vigilant as possible.

An unexpected phone call a random knock on the door and email with no subject or a forgotten task you can easily finish.

Anything is enough to send you reeling with panic you go into a tailspin whenever something catches you off-guard and you find it hard to relax even when the smallest things don’t go exactly as planned.


Anxiety Indecisive

Do you have trouble making even the simplest of choices are you afraid of making up your mind about something because you’re so sure that whatever decision you make is gonna be the wrong one.

Oftentimes anxiety can manifest as perfectionist tendencies fear of failure or distrust in oneself if you can’t make your own choices without thinking about it for hours and hours first.

Or consulting with all your friends and family you might be harboring some hidden anxiety.

Overthink past conversations

Overthink past conversations Anxiety

You tend to get hung up on past conversations no matter how much time has passed since then you analyze the other person’s body language facial expressions choices of words and even the tone of their voice.

You can’t help but think about what you should have done or said instead and it drives you crazy and keeps you on edge every time you remember it.

Always making yourself busy

Anxiety Always making yourself busy

It’s common for people with anxiety to have a strong need to keep themselves busy.

They’d like to occupy themselves with simple tasks and do as many things as possible in a day.

Because sitting still and doing nothing for a long time can make them feel restless and on edge.

You talk yourself down all the time

Anxiety talk yourself down all the time

Life isn’t always kind to us and self-love and a balanced lifestyle doesn’t come easily.

living with anxiety especially if it’s hidden are suppressed can make it hard for us to feel good about ourselves and let ourselves feel happy.

It makes us believe that we don’t deserve it and traps us in a vicious cycle of negative self-talk and constant pressure to be perfect.

You have a lot of negative thoughts

 lot of negative thoughts anxiety

Are you a pessimist whose quick to find the downsides in every situation you find yourself getting upset or stressing out over even the most minor inconveniences.

Is everyday a constant battle with yourself against the spiral of panicked and rational thoughts you have.

In 1997 famed psychologist and cognitive therapist Aaron Beck termed this kind of thought pattern as catastrophic thinking which he often observed in his patients who suffered from anxiety.

Experience physical symptoms

muscle tension anxiety

Sometimes anxiety can be entirely physical because while your conscious mind may not always be aware of your anxiety will make itself known to your body.

Things like erratic heartbeats chest palpitations muscle tension a clenched jaw shaky hands up a few sweating are all indicative of anxiety your body may be trying to let your mind know that you’re feeling anxious and stop it before it gets any worse.

Do you relate to any of the problems listed here or do you do your best to seem okay and hide your symptoms because you feel embarrassed about your anxiety the truth is you’re not alone and having mental health issues is nothing to be ashamed of what do you plan to do next let us know in the comments below.


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