6 habits No MAN should ever have

6 habits No MAN should ever have

A famous quote once said “winning is a habit so”

Unfortunately “so” is losing and when I say losing I mean losing in the game of life of course and no man wants to do that habits or activities that we do every day and the more that we do them the stronger they tend to get overtime.

But the crazy thing about habits is that they usually occur subconsciously meaning most of the time we do them without even thinking about it and it’s can be a really good thing.

or It can be a really bad thing depending on the habit many guys get into the habit of getting nervous around new people and over time the habit becomes stronger.

So when they want to stop getting nervous around new people it’s really hard to just shut the habit switch off because they have conditioned themselves over times who get nervous every single time that they meet new people

If you go ahead and throw some dopamine into the equation such as what you might get from pulling levers so to speak then what you end up with is an extremely tough habit to break

success and anything in life is nothing more than a set of habits that are repeated every day and so losing involves the same thing

Six habits that no man should ever have

Stop chasing the perfect image

Stop chasing the perfect image habits

how many times have you been told that women care far more than men do about how their body looks

some recent studies show that this might actually be changing and many men are starting to worry far more about how they look than women and this is honestly a scary thought

not too long ago your typical man would walk around with a huge beer belly and looked really similar to a gorilla when it comes to body hair

now this is obviously not an attractive style but today men appear to be going to the other extreme and many guys are overly concerned with how they look in the mirror


In fact, many men in today’s world are spending way too much time in the gym and shoving all kinds of weird untested supplements down their throats that promise things like higher testosterone all in an attempt to chase perfection

the problem is that a lot of guys have had issues with self-esteem and not loving themselves or they’ve had problems with girls not finding them attractive maybe even for most of their life

What happens when we have these problems is that we tend to chase after perfection or the perfectly sculpted body that we think will finally get us respected by men and gain us the attention that we never got from the ladies.

but the cold hard truth is that body image just doesn’t matter that much for men and it never really did

obviously, you don’t want to go into public looking like Chewbacca with a huge beer belly and massive amounts of hair covering every inch of your body

but as men, we also need to break from the habit of caring too much about how big our muscles are or whether or not we have perfect ABS

Not taking care of your nails

Not taking care of your nails habits

I remember when I was younger there was a kid in my school who would never clip his fingernails and as he got older he never really changed this happen

we can’t directly blame the nails for why people were always looking at him weirdly.

but the bottom line here is that traditionally men have short nails and women have long nails

In fact, what do most girls do when they want to look more girly or more feminine and the answer is that they go to the nail salon and they get their nails done

and when they come out their natural nails are covered with fake ones that are like an inch or even longer

what are the most awkward things that a guy can do is shake your hand with overly long fingernails

If you’ve ever tried to play sports or do pretty much anything that men do on a daily basis even your fingernails extremely long and unkempt as a habit that you really don’t want to have

Eating like an animal

pretty much all of us have seen the way that animals eat and drink water especially dogs

You already know that you can hear a dog drink water from the other side of your house

there have been days where I didn’t eat all day and got home and just ripped into a huge plate of tacos with zero thought given for how I come off to other people but this is the exception

now whenever you’re eating especially around other people don’t chew your mouth open and make sure that you’re not eating too fast.

because as men we have a tendency to scar food down as soon as it is placed in front of us and it’s useful to think of eating as less of something that needs to get done quickly

and more as a social activity or time to connect with other people and no man wants to be the dude who accidentally spits a chunk of something at the waitress because he’s talking with his mouth full

so I always try to finish chewing before speaking so that has always helped me with this is to imagine that I’m eating in slow motion.

because I’m the type of guy who is always eating too quickly

being too cheap

being too cheap habits

now trust me when I say that you don’t want to be the guy who is always having other people pay his way through life

what you definitely don’t want to be is the guy who has a habit of going to eat at a restaurant ordering a hundred dollars for the food and then tipping the waitress two dollars.

now if you had a really awful waitress then sure tip them based on that but if the food was good and the service was good then leave a standard 15 to 20 percent tip that reflects that

for guys who don’t have enough money to properly pay and tip for a hundred dollar meal consider doing something else that doesn’t involve that much money

now at the same time, you don’t want to go to the other extreme and flaunt your wealth around purposefully in front of other people as this just makes you look incredibly desperate for a rule

being cheap is intentionally tipping something like two dollars on a hundred dollar meal or doing other similar things in similar situations when you have more than enough money to not be the guy who is being cheap

when to put the phone down

when to put the phone down habits

I get it I love my smartphone just as much as the next guy and the modern smartphone has completely changed our lives for the better

but there is always two sides to every coin or a dark side to technology

the dark side to our phones is that they make it really easy to check out of the real world

so they’re like 90% of younger men and women these days are always looking down at their phone less they’re being chased by a lion or something

even then they’re probably googling how fast lions can run while they’re running away from it.

smartphones are great and they enhance many aspects of our life but smart men know when it’s time to put the phone down and this is basically any situation when you’re around other people in most social situations


habits Character

a famous quote once said men only have two things in this world and it’s our word and our balls

but most men give up these two things on a daily basis without even realizing it

why because they’ve made a habit of it when we give someone our word we are telling them that we said we’re going to do something so we’re going to do it

what we’re doing is allowing another person to put their trust in us and that makes them feel better as men our word has to mean something

because if it does it nobody will ever take us seriously the men you respect most in your life right now are most likely the ones who if they say they’re going to do something you know that they’re actually going to do it

if I got into a bad situation in life I need friends who when they say that they have my back. I know in my heart that they actually do

saying you’re going to do something and not doing it is an awful habit to have so don’t make promises that you can’t keep and stay true to your word

6 bad habits that no man should ever have.

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