7 Dark Psychological Tricks to Make People Like You

Focuses on shared values and interests

you need to be able to find that middle ground find that commonality between the two of you. obviously when you are able to find that commonality it will be a lot easier for you to connect with one another. they will end up feeling a lot more comfortable whenever they’re with you. if you are able to share common values and interests this will give them a sense of ease whenever they are with you.

Pretend as if you like them

this might seem a little too simple but it’s actually the truth. people will tend to respond better to you whenever you pretend like you like them. oof course this is going to be a little difficult for you if you don’t have any acting skills but if you’re able to pull it off it’s going to let the people around you feel more comfortable about themselves whenever they’re with you

Always expect the best of them

if you are constantly expecting the worst of a person then they aren’t really going to enjoy being around you. naturally if you are able to inspire confidence in someone else then they will feed off that energy make it a point to always inspire the best in the people around you. if you are good for a person’s self-esteem then they are going to love having you around all the time.

Be open about yourself

just allow yourself to be a little more open and honest. tell them a few little well-placed secrets about your life express a sense of vulnerability around you. once they see that you’re making this kind of effort it will be easier for them to respond in the same manner. being vulnerable to them as a show of trust and this will entice them to trust in you as well.

See them how they want to be seen

this technique is going to require a great deal of perception and intuition. people tend to think a certain way of themselves they will act depending on how they want other people to perceive them. if you give them this validation then it will make them feel good about themselves. they will end up seeking this kind of validation from you over and over again

Don’t compliment too much

yes you should always make it a point to stay positive and speak kind words about other people. however you don’t want to over indulge in doing so if you are just constantly saying nice things then you aren’t being believable anymore. it will be hard to perceive what you’re saying is genuine so always speak good of others but try to do so in moderation

Allow them to talk about themselves

you always want them to feel like you are genuinely paying attention to them so just allow them to keep on talking about their lives. this way you get to show them that you’re really interested in them because you keep asking them questions. on top of that you get a better opportunity to really get to know them better and you and leave paying attention to them. so just allow them to keep on talking about their lives.

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