9 Types of Intelligence
Types of Intelligence

9 Types of Intelligence

What does that intelligent? Well.. a majority of people would assume he gets very good grades in school. but, even though this is a sign of intelligence? It isn't the…

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10 Signs of Fake Nice People

How many times have you received a compliment and later doubted whether or not it was truly sincere? It's always good to assume that people have good intentions, but the…

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10 Signs of Hidden Anxiety

According to the American Psychological Association, people with anxiety have a future-oriented fear which leads them to avoid anything that could potentially trigger a stress response. In 2017 the National…

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Setting Goals

How to create plans and goals that really stick, and today we're gonna be talking about how to keep up with your good habits and how to meet your goals…

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Deal With Uncertainty

How to Deal With Uncertainty, Now, this is a serious time and it requires serious action, and it's gotten me to think about how people respond when they're faced with…

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Overcome Lack of Confidence

Do you ever feel like if you had a little bit more self-confidence, if you had a little bit more self-esteem, if you could believe in yourself just a tad…

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