In 2 Min, Why People call Leonardo Da Vinci one of the Finest Genius?

You all must have heard about the Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci

But still why he is so famous even today? most of the Asians Must not be aware about it.

Even i wasn’t aware about it. Hence, I want to tell you all,

why Leonardo Da Vinci is considered as one of the Greatest person in the world?

Why People call him one of the Finest Genius?

Leonardo Da Vinci was:-

  • Inventor
  • Painter
  • Sculptor
  • architect
  • scientist
  • mathematician
  • engineer
  • writer
Leonardo Da Vinci

If still you are finding it less,then lets add on more skills.

He was good in other fields as well, like:-

  • Anatomy
  • Geology
  • Literature
  • Botany
  • Astronomy
  • Cartography
  • history
Leonardo Da Vinci

Nowadays so many subjects all together is not available in colleges. Leonardo was a master in all those subjects at the time when the internet wasn’t available and getting information regarding anything was very difficult

Not only this But he was also known as Father of Architecture, Paleontology, and iconology.

Leonardo Da Vinci Mona Lisa

If we talk about the core talent, He is still one of the best painter, whose painting Mona Lisa has been considered the most famous painting
And his The Last Supper Painting is most Recreated Painting

Leonardo Da Vinci The Last Supper

If we talk about inventions, he got many credits for inventions like Parachute, helicopter, tank, Expandable ladder and for many more inventions.

For now, Giving a sweet End to Leonardo’s talent
He was Ambidextrous, Which means he was able to write by using both his hands.

many more interesting things Leonardo has done in his life.
Because of which many Historians and others used to call him An Universal Genius.

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