Setting Goals

How to create plans and goals that really stick, and today we’re gonna be talking about how to keep up with your good habits and how to meet your goals even when you are in a season of survival mode.

And trust me, we have all been there.

So the good news is that even when you’re in survival mode, you do not have to abandon your planner and set aside all of your goals and lose all the momentum you’ve created, but you do need to make some changes.

Goal Setting in Survival mode

Redefine success

you need to redefine success and what that means to you?

goal Redefine success goal

So, when things are coming along smoothly and there are no external stressors going on, you may be able to get a lot done, but in seasons of survival mode, you’re not going to be able to accomplish as much, and so you need to redefine what success means for you.

So, in my seasons of survival mode, which for me was like for a few months after I had each child, when I’ve been moving across the country, changing jobs, things like that.

Just getting those top three to five things done on my priority list every day, I call that a success. So it’s really important to define what success means to you.

Done list or Checklist

goal Done list or Checklist goal

So in these seasons, it’s easy to feel like we’re just spinning our wheels and we’re not getting anything done, especially when a lot of the tasks are either repetitive, or they don’t really feel like they’re accomplishing much.

Go ahead and create a done list. Write out all the things you’re doing. This is especially true if like a lot of things are cleaning which you have to do every day.

  • Prepping food.
  • washing car.
  • buy a cake.
  • All kinds of things.

Write down what you’ve done and I feel like if you do that, you’re gonna realize that you’re doing a lot more than you think you are and you’re gonna be able to give yourself a little bit more grace

And define what success means to you a little bit more when you see that accurate picture of all the things that you’re doing.


goal Prioritize goal

be sure to prioritize and take some things off your list.

So you’re not gonna be able to do all the things that you were doing when you weren’t in survival mode.

So, you’re gonna need to figure out what is most important to you, and just focus on those things, and if anything if there’s any time where I think it’s important to actually have written habits and a habit tracker, it’s in the season.

So you can see visual progress and don’t be afraid to pair down.

Avoid competing goals.

Avoid competing goals

So that would be like you want to have the clean sink every night before you go to bed and you wanna go to bed by 11:00 p.m. or get eight hours of sleep.

Those two things are conflicting with each other, so it’s extra important to not set conflicting goals, and if you feel like you need to track both of those things, be sure to be clear about Which one is more important.

So if it’s 10:55 p.m., which is more important to you? Getting those dishes clean or getting enough sleep?

There’s no right or wrong answer, but know before the situation happens which is more important.

Don’t try to juggle everything

Don't try to juggle everything goal

don’t try to juggle everything at once. This is true at any point in life. That we can’t usually be making a lot of progress into all the different areas of our life

And when we have survival mode, it’s usually we have extra things heaped on there. So just pick one or two areas to focus on.

Perspective about things

Perspective about things

Change your perspective about letting things go. So I’ve been mentioning a lot of things that you might need to let go, Or maybe something you have been working that can’t be of focus anymore, and this could feel discouraging

and it can feel a little bit scary to let these things go, but here’s the way that I like to look at it.

So, my goal when I work on a habit really hard for a long time is that since I probably may not be able to focus on that habit for the rest of my life,

I want my baseline how I go back and when I’m just in default mode and not really putting a lot of energy into that habit.

I want it to be higher than it was before I worked on it, and if you look at it that way, a lot of times you’re gonna find that that really is true.

Take my clean sink for example. I worked on that for several months ’cause that was really important to me to wake up to at least a clean kitchen,

but after several months there were other things I needed to focus on that were more important to me so I stopped tracking that one.

I stopped focusing on it and I will tell you that I don’t get the dishes washed every single night before I go to bed, but I do get it way, way more than I ever did before I worked on that habit.

So change your perspective, and look for progress in that way. It doesn’t always mean perfection, but it can mean that our baseline and what we’re doing when we’re not giving it all of our focus is better than it was before.

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