Stop Procrastination Right Now in 5-steps


Do you ever kind of sort of feel like procrastination is slowly ruining your life? You know you want to do all of these things and you hesitate and procrastinate and it’s like with each passing day you feel a little bit further away from your dream.

You feel like almost a little bit of your soul has died each time you procrastinate, and you want to fix that problem. You want to learn how to stop procrastination now, and that is what I’m going to teach you in today’s article.

I’m going to walk you through five simple steps, frameworks that you can use to end procrastination. Now I’m going to give you these strategies that are going to dig deep into your psychology and get you in motion.

Things that’ll help you do the things that you want to do with your life.These are tips that I’ve learned over a half-decade of building my career, building my own full-time business. When before that I was stuck in endless loops of procrastination.

I was someone who could be considered lazy. I was someone who had no motivation and was aimless but using some of the strategies I’m about to teach you strategies I’ve used to do all sorts of amazing things in my life.

You’re going to be able to get over this procrastination hurdle and start doing the things that you want to do.

Steps to Stop Procrastination

1. The concept of a riffing.

Procrastination The concept of a riffing Procrastination

A, really, really good technique to end procrastination right now and get yourself into motion is the concept of a riffing.

Riffing is this concept where you don’t put yourself under a ton of pressure to figure out exactly what you need to do. You just enter into a task and you start doing it.

No framework, no guidelines, no rules, no beating yourself up about what you need to do at that moment. Just put yourself in motion and give yourself the freedom to do the act.

So if you’re someone who needs to get started working out, you could drop down and start doing 10 pushups right now.

If you want to start writing, you can open up and start riffing right now.

If you want to do something for your business, you can start riffing a task that maybe you’ve been meaning to do forever.

Start riffing immediately and of course, no productivity technique or hack to end. Procrastination is going to fill that gap between thought and action.

But when you use this concept of riffing, when you step into a task and you begin doing it, all of the sudden you’re in the middle of your task and you will build this momentum over time to where after you’re through a session of riffing, all of a sudden you gain a second wind.

I riff all the time. Sometimes I riff when I’m creating an article, I’ll tell myself, Oh, I’m not really in the mood to create the article.

I don’t have the perfect outline, but you know what I do? It doesn’t matter how good it is, it doesn’t matter how smart I sound, it doesn’t matter if the article is crap, but the fact that I did it gives me that momentum and sends that signal to my brain that I am not a person who procrastinates.

So whatever it is you’re trying to pursue in your life, step into a tiny moment in a rift. This is a concept that will help you get massive amounts of time back that you otherwise would have spent procrastinating.

I’ve turned a 10-minute riff session into a multiple hour stretch of productivity. So use riffing and get into it right away. Another side, bonus tip.

Uh, you could use Mel Robbins five, four, three, two, one technique. Uh, this is a technique that I used to get out of bed to wake up and right early at 5:00 AM before I went to work. When I was trying to build my business.

When I had a full-time job, I didn’t want to wake up, so I told myself five, four, three, two, one counted down, got out of bed and got to work.

Use the combination of this kind of five-second rule and step into that riffing paradigm to start getting more things done.

2. Tiny 10-minute increment

Procrastination Tiny 10-minute increment Procrastination

The second thing is kind of a corollary to the first point and aside almost narrow the blocks of time where you’re trying to do something.

There’s this quote, I forget who said it, but it went something along the lines of, you know, life can be broken up into these 10-minute increments and your ability to maximize these 10-minute increments can make or break your life.

And when a lot of us, we think about productivity, when we think about procrastination, we often think about having to do these long hour-long blocks, these four-hour deep work blocks where you enter a flow state and have this massive productive creative energy is like, no, no, no.

You don’t need to do that. You’d be surprised at how much you could get done in tiny 10-minute increments.

You know this article after editing is probably gonna be about 10 minutes long. That’s all it takes to create something of value.

That’s all it takes to set the pieces in motion to start being productive and gain more momentum in general so you can stretch those 10-minute sessions into 30-minute sessions into hour-long sessions into full productive days, weeks, months, and then an entire life.

3. Focused on doing the best

Procrastination Focused on doing the best Procrastination

Another strategy that kind of layers on top of the other one is focused on doing the best that you can do in the present moment.

You know, it’s cliche to live in the present moment. Everyone talks about mindfulness and how thinking about the future causes suffering and you should just focus on the immediate task, but if you take it to heart, it can work wonders.

It kind of ties in with that idea of that 10-minute block while you are doing that 10-minute block, make it the most focused 10-minute block you possibly can.

I remember a couple of weeks ago I was having a little bit of a creative slump and me kind of had all these different projects and things that I’m working on for the business, the media company, what have you, and I was just kind of distracted by having too many different shiny objects going.

I was thinking about what my life would be like 90 days from now, six months, a year, five years, thinking about, you know, my delusions of grandeur.

And one thing that helped me get into a productive mode and helped me create kind of a several weeks stretches where I’m feeling in a really good productive state.

I woke up one day and I said, you know what? I’m just going to try to have the best day possible.

You know, I hadn’t had a good day in a while, so I focused on making my day awesome. And then I made that day awesome by making each moment of that day. Awesome. So I wrote a blog post that day.

I told myself, I’m gonna make this the most amazing blog post ever. I had little tasks that I broke up into these 30-minute chunks and I told myself, I’m going to make these the best 30-minute chunks possible.

Next thing you know it, I’d worked a 12 hour day. I was still full of energy. I didn’t feel worn out. I didn’t feel burnt out. I felt productive, I felt at ease, and it gave me the momentum to overcome procrastination the very next day and have another productive day, but I didn’t try to stream together that perfect week.

Not even once. I focused on having perfect days and then those consecutive perfect days turned into a perfect week, which turns into a perfect month.

You see how these strategies layer on top of one another. There’s no super-secret magic trick that’s going to end procrastination, but you need to focus on ways to create these subconscious psychological signals that are going to help you build momentum.

They’re going to create feedback loops in your mind and each time you do one of these little strategies, you send that little signal to your brain that says, I trust you. You are productive. You are in motion.

It doesn’t matter what the content of what you’re doing per se, but rather the fact that you’re taking time to do it at all. It’s going to help that reinforcement mechanism start generating self-perpetuating.And then the next thing you know, you’re very productive.

4. Understand hesitation fatigue

Procrastination Understand hesitation fatigue Procrastination

A hack that you need to understand is that hesitation creates fatigue. So a lot of people like intellectually know this, but they don’t embrace this concept in their life.

So you have to understand that each time you hesitate, it creates stress.

It creates a hormone in your body, cortisol that you know, sends this hormone into your bloodstream when you’re feeling stressed out.

So when you’re putting something off, you’re creating all of this cortisol in your body and it’s making you more stressed out and you want to alleviate the problem.

But you try to alleviate the problem with more thinking, with more procrastination. Um, you have to understand that sometimes just diving into action is going to make you more productive because it’s going to alleviate those feelings.

And it’s kind of this philosophy of the next thing you know, it’s done.

You know, I’ve used this example many times in articles before where you know, you have your dishes sitting in the sink and you like, you walk past and you’re like, oh, I don’t want to wash them. You keep walking past and be like, all right, all right, I’m going to do them. And they don’t.

And you take a break and you check your phone and you watch a TV show and you goof around and they’re like, alright, all right, now I’m going to wash the dishes.

That whole time you could have just washed the dishes. And this kind of simple example is it’s an extension of how we live our lives.

And a lot of us spend so much time in this mental hesitation and it creates more problems than it ever solves. And we deeply believe that somehow, you know, putting things off is creating a form of alleviation when it’s creating a major cause of anxiety.

And you know, deep down, as I said, everyone knows this, but self-improvement in general productivity in general is it’s not just the knowledge of concepts, it’s the embracing of concepts.

So you have to embrace this concept and implement it into your life and then you will start seeing more positive results in the future.

5. find the things that compel you

Procrastination find the things that compel you Procrastination

Find the things that you feel pulled to do, not the things that you feel like you need to muster up all of this energy to do.

You know, a lot of people get into trouble productivity-wise, procrastination wise because they have goals that aren’t aligned with who they are.

You know, don’t start, don’t start your business with this mindset that you’re going to become rich. Start your business with the mindset that you’re going to create something cool.

You know, that’s how I started this site, I just wanted to create something cool. I had no major business plan behind it.

You know, in your kind of delusions of grandeur about what the future could be. You’re missing out on the present moment because you won’t simply just start creating with like the minimum viable tools or assets you need.

You don’t need to be in the gym to work out. You can drop down and do 10 pushups immediately. Bodyweight workouts, right? So when we make mountains out of these goals, we can never actually kind of reach the top of that mountain because who is going to want to climb a mountain?

When you’re looking at some crazy high structure, right? That’s demotivating.

You gotta figure out how to get your foot on that rock, and that’s the process of ending procrastination and jumping into something right now.

So here’s a challenge that I want to leave you with for the end of this article. A riff on something you’ve been putting off right now. You’ll experience an amazing feeling if you do this. A riff on something right now.

If you’ve been putting off your workouts, you’re on YouTube. There are plenty of workout videos. Search one and do it right now. 10-minute workout, boom, 10-minute writing session. Boom, 10 minute researching into your business riff right now.

Don’t watch any more YouTube videos. riff right now and see what happens.

So take the time to do what I just told you. Take the time to make that initial step towards your productivity today and you will literally, and procrastination right now.

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